Documenting Calisthenics/Street Workout, part 1: Rain Bennett, the Professional Documenter

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Filming, documenting one’s own and others’ practices, is fundamentally important in calisthenics/street workout, and I will address this in two short movies. This first one documents a professional documenter. Rain Bennett is currently producing the documentary “Raise Up: The World

Keep Getting Stronger: the Bar-Barians, Foundation and Evolution

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This is it! Rick, Jude, Marco and Mark of the Bar-Barians talk about the creation of their team, and the worldwide success of their requirements. The workout footage was done at East River Park (NYC); it was totally improvised and

Ed Barstarzz : On the Evolution of Freestyle Calisthenics and the Future of Barstarzz

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What should be taken into consideration for judging street workout / freestyle calisthenics competitions? Which skills should be valued? Where is this sport going? Should it go mainstream or stay underground? What is the future of Barstarzz? Why was it