Ed Barstarzz : On the Evolution of Freestyle Calisthenics and the Future of Barstarzz

What should be taken into consideration for judging street workout / freestyle calisthenics competitions? Which skills should be valued? Where is this sport going? Should it go mainstream or stay underground? What is the future of Barstarzz? Why was it important to create a worldwide team such as Barstarzz? This is what I asked Ed Barstarzz, who just returned from the Latvia Street Workout World Championships 2012 where he was a judge.

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  1. Brad Agler

    I think its so awsome everything your doing! thanks to hannible and ed from barstarzz i foung this amazing workout. it is def changing my life and body for the better! im from canada and there really is not anything like this here… ive never seen anyone at anyparks getting it in. I just want to see it get bigger here as well! so right now it is my friend and i that do calisthenics workout 5 days a week and we try to keep it poper.I am always trying to get more peeps to come out and get itto the workout! thanks again!

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