This website is an interface; between the worldwide calisthenics and bar community and a socio-cultural anthropologist who is doing a research about it. That’s the reason why I chose the name typewriterz. It refers to calisthenics / bar-workout and its typewriter style pull-ups. But it also refers to ethnography, the main method used in socio-cultural anthropology, that literally means “writing about a cultural group.” Usually, ethnographic data are collected through  (participant-) observation and restituted through a text. In my case, my own participation is particularly important in my research. It allows me to explore other forms of ethnographic data – especially sensorial, kinesiological data.

Furthermore, my approach seeks to destroy (or at least to reduce) the asymmetry that often exists between researcher and its “object”, the “researched.” Indeed “scientific objectivity” seemingly gives the right and authority to the researcher to produce a discourse on the researched. I feel very close to the tendency, in social sciences, that is most radically opposed to the idea of an artificially produced hierarchy, a “hierarchy of credibility” as says Becker (my favorite sociologist), between anthropologists/sociologists and their “object”, that is “people under study”. I therefore think that my work, as a social scientist, is to listen to, focus on and take people’s expertise seriously.  In this regard, I want you to react and share your ideas concerning the development of my research that I will post here regularly in forms of videos. I invite you to take action and co-produce this ethnographic report with me so that your experience is well represented.

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  1. Matt


    Love your 2 interviews so far!! Is there a possibility of an RSS feed. I would love to see your future vids but will probably forget to come back!


    • alain mueller

      Many thanks for the feedback! Yes, I’ll install this as soon as possible.

  2. drew

    Fun Fact!

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